About the Open Centre and Open Dharma

About the Open Centre:

We welcome people from any religion or no religion.

The Open Centre will inspire and support inner growth within a space of human and ecological diversity, to learn to live with inner and outer harmony through contact with nature, through interaction, and through silence.  The Open Centre will offer residential retreats, workshops and onsite resources, including a library.

Along with meditation from diverse spiritual traditions, the Open Centre will also offer nontraditional ways to awaken the full potential of human life — to be relaxed and alert, centered and open.

Open Centre presentation video (8 minutes)

The website of the Open Centre : www.opencentre.es

To keep up to date with all the fundraising projects, events and ideas around the Open Centre, join the Open Centre newsletter.  It is intended for people wanting to be involved or simply to have news about the Open Centre. No more than 2 emails per month will be sent.


About Open Dharma:

Open Dharma is registered in the US under the umbrella of The Earthville Network, a non-profit organization. Open Dharma is also present in Spain and in India.

Since 1999 Open Dharma has given teachings and group meditation retreats in India, North and South America, Europe, Israel, and Australia.  Dharma means “nourishing support.” On retreats often with long waiting lists, participants discover their authentic priorities and solutions, and bring this wisdom and ease into their outer lives.

The website of Open Dharma: www.opendharma.org